Living with Love – 5 Ways Ahimsa can Help You Control Alcohol

If you are curious how yoga fits in with changing your relationship with alcohol, then you are in the right place!

Read on to find out the 5 ways the practice of ahimsa, or non-violence actually helps us to reinvent our relationship with alcohol and get back in control of our lives.

How I went from daily drinking for over a decade to peaceful, happy and free! 

When I was feeling the worst in my life, uncontrolled anxiety, depression, daily drinking to cope, all I wanted to do was escape. Take a break from feeling so stressed out about my life and relax with a few glasses of wine. But that daily wine habit quickly moved from a glass to a bottle andContinue reading “How I went from daily drinking for over a decade to peaceful, happy and free! “


I read comments all the time about people who are “worried” about giving in to the urges of alcohol over time. Personally, I think this is because of the fear-based mentality that is a huge part of AA. There has been this notion (totally inaccurate BTW) throughout the last century that alcohol is something toContinue reading “How to NEVER FEAR ALCOHOL AGAIN. “

Happy Dependence Day!

The big business of alcohol runs on two primary ingredients:    Dependence and fear.    The extent to which these are present in your life determines how much control that alcohol can exert upon you.  Dependence is created through the natural hormone cocktail that gets released every time you take a drink. The emotional satisfaction youContinue reading “Happy Dependence Day!”

YOGA not “yoga”

Are you aching for more joy in your life? More peace and happiness? More bliss?   Sometimes I feel like I’m caught in a hamster wheel, doing all the things for all the people and then leaving myself feeling drained, stretched and a mixture of sadness and anger at the same time.   It’s soContinue reading “YOGA not “yoga””

Still living in the cycle of headaches and hangovers?!

If you could seriously UP-level your life right now, would you? What if I told you there was actually a super simple solution and it would save you tons of money, deepen your relationships, help you find peace, joy and happiness… What if it’s something that you definitely might resist believing but is absolutely theContinue reading “Still living in the cycle of headaches and hangovers?!”

Boundaries are a Beautiful Thing. 

How often do you catch yourself wanting to say no but then when you open your mouth it comes out more like, “Let me just check my schedule.”   Or maybe it’s more like, I am not drinking tonight, I have a big thing in the morning – in your head… but then when someoneContinue reading “Boundaries are a Beautiful Thing. “

Finding you, the real you.

ROOTED RUBYRoot. Shine. Grow. Living grounded, conscious, and kind. Rooted Ruby was created to help people like you find freedom from alcohol through empowerment without ever feeling like you are missing out on fun and JOY in your life. By finding ground and balance you are able to begin to let go of all theContinue reading “Finding you, the real you.”