Curious about Mindfulness? 

At Rooted Ruby we empower women to stand in their truth, reconsider their relationship with alcohol and develop a mindfulness practice with yoga and meditation. Do you want to be a happier, more wholehearted version of yourself that has total control over alcohol? This is the first step to welcoming presence into your life in a whole new way.  

Step out of fear, judgment, doubt, shame and any other traumatic emotion that is no longer serving you. Learn how to get out of your head and into your heart. Move through emotions and start to tap into your inner guidance system.  

This quick ebook will give you the rundown of where to begin building a mindfulness practice and I hope to make it easy to understand and accessible for those that know nothing about yoga but keep hearing their happy hippy friends raving about it! 


This eBook is the perfect guide to get you started on a path to mindfulness when you are struggling to keep it together and looking for a better option than a bottle of wine a night. 

Take the time to read it here or download it for yourself. No email required.

Why am I GIVING you this FREE FREEBIE without ethically bribing you for your email? Well because I want you to want it for yourself. I want you to get the information you are looking for and then make a decision if you want to know more. There is always an option to join my email list but I am not going to force you to do it. Much like your journey with alcohol. I am here as a guide to support YOUR TRUTH in this process. But I am just not into the manipulation of the dangling carrot to entice you to sign up. You will reach out when you are ready and I will be here!

I truly hope you gain something from this book and would love to know your comments below!

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