What the heck is coaching anyway?

In this context COACHING is a personalized training program that is directly influenced by the desires and goals of the client.

So you! You are in the drivers seat, you are the boss of your own life and you can take as little or as much of the information, education, tactics and guidance and implement what feels true for you and what works in your own life.

This process is very personalized and you focused. I am here to serve you in the highest capacity that I have to offer.

Now, that does NOT mean that you get to just show up when you want and do your work when you want and make excuses when you want. I am a high level personal coach that is focused on RESULTS. And in order for us to get there as efficiently and pain free as possible you have to agree and commit to doing the work. I am not your grade 2 teacher that is going to tell you good job by default. That is NOT what you pay me for. I will however, ALWAYS act with compassion and grace for the times that you couldn’t reach the goal you set and will work with you on creating short term goals that ARE achievable in order to help bring you closer to your long term goals and desires for your life.

If this sounds like a relationship you are ready for then by all means BOOK YOUR FIRST SESSION! I like to offer you a 60 minute session for free, where we get to meet and make real progress while you get the chance to see first hand what it will be like working with me. From there we can talk about your goals and what the best program I offer would be for you. Like I said, everything I do is personalized for your situation. So it’s difficult to outline exactly what tactics I will walk you through if we haven’t discussed your personal situation and what areas of your life you would like to be coached in.

However I do offer specific programs to fit your budget. Take a look below, or book a call and ask me personally.

One on One coaching opportunities are limited – book your slot now!