What the heck is coaching anyway?

In this context COACHING is a personalized training program that is directly influenced by the desires and goals of the client.

So, you! You are in the driver’s seat. You are the boss of your own life! And you can take as little or as much of the information, education, tactics and guidance and implement what feels true for you and decide what’s going to work.

This is a very personalized and you focused process. I am here to serve you in the highest capacity that I have to offer. It’s very different from therapy or counselling in the sense that we are working to propel you forward and will not be working on the trauma of your past. Obviously sometimes we will have to talk about the past, it’s just important to know we won’t be spending much of our time there.

If this sounds like a relationship you are ready for, then by all means BOOK YOUR FIRST SESSION! I like to offer you a 60-minute session for free, where we get to meet and make real progress towards clarity, while you get the chance to see first-hand what it will be like working with me.

From there we can make sure we are a good fit for each other and potentially talk about your goals moving forward. Only then, at your request, will I share more information about what programs I have to offer.

I currently coach on alcohol specifically, living a more purpose driven and wholehearted life, creating a successful heart-centered business, and empowered pregnancies.

I do offer scholarships for women and sliding scale options for those that might need help getting started.

One on One coaching opportunities are limited – book your slot now!

I currently offer 3 options for 1:1 coaching packages.

11 weeks or 3 months

Minimum investment $2100

*Payment plans available

23 weeks or 6 months

35 weeks or 9 months

Nervous to commit to a live interaction? Join my mailing list and take it slow, I will be here, wherever you’re ready.