Living with Love – 5 Ways Ahimsa can Help You Control Alcohol

If you are curious how yoga fits in with changing your relationship with alcohol, then you are in the right place!

Read on to find out the 5 ways the practice of ahimsa, or non-violence actually helps us to reinvent our relationship with alcohol and get back in control of our lives.

How I went from daily drinking for over a decade to peaceful, happy and free! 

When I was feeling the worst in my life, uncontrolled anxiety, depression, daily drinking to cope, all I wanted to do was escape. Take a break from feeling so stressed out about my life and relax with a few glasses of wine. But that daily wine habit quickly moved from a glass to a bottle andContinue reading “How I went from daily drinking for over a decade to peaceful, happy and free! “


I read comments all the time about people who are “worried” about giving in to the urges of alcohol over time. Personally, I think this is because of the fear-based mentality that is a huge part of AA. There has been this notion (totally inaccurate BTW) throughout the last century that alcohol is something toContinue reading “How to NEVER FEAR ALCOHOL AGAIN. “

Not “sober”, YAY!

so·ber /ˈsōbər/ Adjective   One of the questions that people like to ask me is how long I’ve been sober. I have a couple of go-to responses depending on how they ask. But when they ask with a genuine curiousity I am always a little too excited to announce;  “Oh, no, I’m not sober!” (I say with a littleContinue reading “Not “sober”, YAY!”

My truth about Truth and Reconciliation.

I would like to speak about reconciliation.   As I sit here in the privilege of 2022 eating my orange sprinkled donut from Tim Horton’s, I am sobbing.   I looked at my daughter today as I drove her to my grandmother’s house, and I started weeping for the love that I have for herContinue reading “My truth about Truth and Reconciliation.”

Microdosing on Sobriety. 

The PAUSE.   In This Naked Mind methodology, we don’t subscribe to the Day 1 thinking that drinking or quitting drinking is an all or nothing commitment. In fact, we don’t really believe in imposing rules at all. The societal belief is that there are two types of people when it comes to alcohol. ThatContinue reading “Microdosing on Sobriety. “

Happy Dependence Day!

The big business of alcohol runs on two primary ingredients:    Dependence and fear.    The extent to which these are present in your life determines how much control that alcohol can exert upon you.  Dependence is created through the natural hormone cocktail that gets released every time you take a drink. The emotional satisfaction youContinue reading “Happy Dependence Day!”