Be the River

Truth is only a perception of our current experience.  

What we know as true today could be proven as false tomorrow. 

“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.”  
—Elvis Presley

I want to be like a river, flowing with strength. A force with a soft subtle beauty. Think about it, the power of the current, the constantly changing flow. The river does not conform to a static life, it moves through time effortlessly. Holding more when needed to, come spring when the snow melts and the rain falls. Resting silently under the ice during the winter months, flowing more slowly but still flowing all the same. The river will shrink and grow as needed. It knows its only job is to keep flowing. To offer its abundance to all the life that is so lucky to encounter it. A river does not know its value, does not strive for more, it just is.  

If only we could understand our own lives are much the same. If we choose them to be. We have nothing to prove, nothing to strive for, we are absolutely perfect in every way just the way we are. There is nothing to seek, only something to BE.  

We are powerful creators. We carry strength in our hearts. When we tap into the deeper truth of our being, underneath all the conditioning, we allow for a greater truth to be whispered in our ear.  

We were never supposed to live like this, fighting for scraps, trying to “prove” ourselves, living in shame and guilt because we never feel good enough.  

The interesting thing about truth is that when we invite curiosity and do the work to listen for the answers our truths can change in an instant. In fact, all change does happen in an instant. We are told to believe that it takes time to change. That we must work at it and that after years of struggle then maybe if we are lucky, we can change.  

We are told that “people never change” and then we internalize this message and believe it to be true.  

We believe change is hard, and that if we aren’t trying hard, we aren’t doing it right.  

But what if none of that was actually true? 

What if you really could change in an instant? Like the snap of your fingers, your monstrous desire for alcohol would just disappear? 

Let me ask you, have you ever learned something, and it just transformed your world forever. 

There was this new undeniable truth that just IS.  

One of mine is the death of a parent. When my mom died, in that instant everything changed, the world as I knew it was gone. The life I imagined was forever altered. I would never see the look on her face when she heard the news that I was pregnant, something I had been waiting my whole life for.  

In that moment my truth was changed. I had two choices, I could accept my new truth, or deny it.  

When we deny the truth of our hearts it causes horrible pain and suffering. Any time we are suffering is because we are resisting what is now TRUE.  

So the work is not to change, but to accept.  

To remove the resistance.  

To let go of the former truth. 

The only way I have learned to do this is transmute it to understanding with grace and loads of self- compassion.  

It is trying to keep something the same, the resisting of change that causes us the pain.  

Take your relationship with alcohol for example. Where are you holding on to what was?  

It might have been fun for you in the past, but is it NOW? 

It might have helped relax you in the past, but does it NOW? 

It might have made you feel confident, funny and cool, but does it still feel that way right NOW? 

We are evolving beings. We are constantly changing, growing and learning.  

What if it’s not a bad thing, but the entire purpose of the journey? 

I want you to feel at home in your body. I want you to feel freedom in your mind. I want you to feel all the JOY that comes when we let go of the identity of being “a drinker” and start to allow for what is true now. 

The journey to freedom is hard to describe, and very different for every person. AND that’s exactly how it is meant to be.  

You cannot force freedom. You must accept it. You call it in with curiosity and allowing for your truth to be fluid. Accepting that it is ever changing, and rejoicing in the fact that something true for you yesterday doesn’t have to be true for you today.  

It’s your choice. Are you still living in a past version of yourself hoping you can make it true again, holding on to something that is only causing you deep suffering? Or are you willing to be open to changing ideas? 

Is your truth static, unchanging, dense? How is that holding you back? Is your opinion of your past more important than the opportunity of your future? 

Stop fighting for your limitations! Stop trying to prove to yourself that you can control this thing.  


That’s the cold hard truth. 

And if we can move to accept that, to accept that the marketing of this substance is all a lie. That we have been fed this bullshit from every angle for our ENTIRE LIVES… 

Then maybe you can begin to feel some peace around the idea that this substance is just NOT WORTH IT.  

That YOU actually have the power to change your truth at any time.  

Are you the river, flowing with life, creating life. Or are you the rock, trying to hold your position just to say you can.  

The reality is, that even the most steadfast boulders will be worn down by the current of the river. The truth of your heart is never going to stop wearing down the truth you are holding onto in your mind.  

The easiest way to find freedom. Be the river.  

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