5 Reasons to Reconsider Alcohol.

Waiting for rock bottom is a fool’s choice.

There is no better time to reconsider your relationship with alcohol.

You might think that it is providing a benefit to your life – I know I sure did!! But once I was free from the addictive nature of the habit and really claiming my power in life, I realized it was all just a well-orchestrated lie.

My top 5 reasons you might want to reconsider having alcohol in your life;

  1. Health!

    I’m not going to give you all the scary statistics and say you are going to die if you have a glass of wine, but the health effects are very real and just like when we all learned that smoking was causing cancer many people decided to kick the habit and never look back. Well, I’m sorry to say that alcohol has been a known carcinogen since 1988 and somehow this knowledge has slipped under the radar. Known to cause over 5 types of cancer and many other health problems, is this something you really want to keep putting into your body on a regular basis?
  2. Happiness!

    You might think that alcohol brings you a certain amount of relaxation or happiness but the actual chemical reaction in your body is numbing your senses and depressing your nervous system. Although it can give an illusion of happiness, it is very far from the truth. Over time it will reduce your emotional setpoint to so far below normal that you won’t even know what happiness feels like anymore. Trust me, I would have never believed it until I cut it out of my life, but true joy is available and really is a remarkable thing.
  3. Engagement!

    Some of us drink to loosen up and become more social, but often that ends in us being a blubbering mess and crying in the bathroom…. or was that just me?

    When you remove alcohol, you gain real self-confidence. You get closer to your inner truth, and you stand in your power. There is nothing more enticing than a captivating conversation about things that light you up with someone who is present and sober.
  1. Presence!

    This goes both ways – engaging in delightful conversation, as well as contributing by active listening. But truly being present and aware throughout your life experience allows a deeper connection to self and other. This can enrich your personal relationships with family, friends, your partner, and your children. It is the greatest gift.
  2. Self-love!

    This might be an overused buzz word, but I really think it’s worth mentioning. Not only will you be able to achieve a deeper connection to your inner truth, but you will begin to unpack the shitty things you might be wanting to let go of that are causing you pain and suffering. This is only possible when you really start to examine who you are and how you want to show up in the world. Sans alcohol. It also helps to skip all the self-loathing, regret, and shame that’s caused by too many drinks and bad decisions.

The entrance of the road to freedom is disguised by dependence and fear. Remove those obstacles by connecting to your heart’s consciousness, your inner truth, your divine light, your inner being – whatever you want to call it – and start the process of reclaiming your power. Reconsider your relationship with alcohol and you will be well on your way to creating freedom in your life.

Don’t know how you feel about your relationship with alcohol but knowing that SOMETHING needs to shift?? I am offering complimentary coaching sessions to 10 people this month to honour the recent loss of my Uncle, another family member taken too soon by the negative side effects of alcohol.

Email danielle@rootedruby.com with the subject line: Reconsidering Alcohol. No pressure, no sales, just 60 minutes of clarity coaching to see if reconsidering your relationship with alcohol might be a good next step for you.

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