Happy Dependence Day!

Is alcohol stealing your time, energy, thought-space, FREEDOM?

The big business of alcohol runs on two primary ingredients:   

Dependence and fear.   

The extent to which these are present in your life determines how much control that alcohol can exert upon you. 

Dependence is created through the natural hormone cocktail that gets released every time you take a drink. The emotional satisfaction you get when you go to pour yourself a drink after a long day triggers a response that immediately releases a rush of dopamine to signal that this is a pleasant behaviour and you should repeat it.  

Only, that artificially high rush of euphoria only lasts about 20 minutes before homeostasis kicks in and works to quickly return your hormone levels to balance. Unfortunately, simultaneously the stimulant effect of alcohol is maxed out and replaced by the depressant action of hormones like cortisol (AKA the STRESS hormone), and that depressive state takes 3-4 hours to clear your system.  

This is what happens with EVERY drink you consume.  

This is also why your blood alcohol level can register at zero, but you still feel like garbage; that is the compounding depressant affects that are still working their way through your system.  

And this is a simplified explanation of how we build dependence on alcohol, some people like to refer to it as tolerance, but I see it for what it really is, and it is creating a need for you to continue to drink more to feel the same effects.  

Over time this can be devastating.  

On the other hand, we have FEAR, the other driver in the conversation around alcohol. Now this shows up in many forms but most commonly manifests as a fear of missing out, fear I won’t be able to relax, fear I can’t be social, fear I will be judged, ostracized, and rejected by my friends, family, and colleagues, and maybe most dangerous, the fear that I can’t cope without it..  
In the absence of these two things, the desire to drink will dissolve and amazingly cease to exist.  

Dependence and fear are generated. Neither is your natural state of being. 
Dependence is not determined by circumstance; it is created by a state of mind. 
Fear is a vibration we generate in response to our perception of the world. If you can learn to choose your response, you can write fear out of the script for your life. 
The real work is to come to a place deep in your core where you can actually feel that YOU ARE ENOUGH…NOW
Many will laugh at such a vague and “impractical” goal. They will chuckle at how silly, woo-woo and weak such an action is in the face of entities like dependence and fear. 
This skepticism is the response of those with conditioning so deep that their minds have been severed from a connection with their internal truth. In that situation, the mind weaves stories about reality that fortify the self-made prison of that individual. This is how the alcohol creates consumer-slaves who believe they are free. 
These are beings who are so asleep, so traumatized, so energetically scattered, that they are not able to see or feel the connection between their practical life and its source: the invisible inner being that they all have within them. 
Freedom is easy to celebrate. It’s far more challenging to live. 
LIVING freedom triggers virtually every emotional response installed by a lifetime of conditioning designed to keep humanity asking no questions by creating the illusion of safety in their little conceptual cages. 
But my question to you is, are you here to live ALIVE in the fullness of what this magnificent world has to offer?  


  • Did you come here to be told how to live? 
  • Did you arrive on this plane so your life force could be manipulated for the gain of others? 
  • Are you alive right now simply so you can serve as a meaningless cog in the machinations of the rigged system and its focus on death, disease, and destruction? 

If you say FUCK NO, then what does it look like for you to declare the only independence over which you have any control: your own
Is that what you’re doing? 
Or are you waiting? Are you looking around to see who goes first? Are you checking to make sure the way is “safe?” Are you searching for clues that it is OK to be yourself, to show the world the real you, to claim the path for which you were made? 
You are either free or you are not free. 
There is no such thing as “half free” (….that’s the illusion of moderation). 
Should you summon the courage, focus and fortitude to act upon that which is in your heart, you will receive a taste of freedom that will ruin you forever from accepting anything less. 
The difference between free and slave does not require a war in the times that are upon us. 
It simply requires a choice. 

Are you ready to make that choice and live in your fullest capacity, creating the world of your dreams? 

Or are you willing to let a few more years pass, waiting for things to get worse than they already are.  

There is no better time to reconsider your relationship with alcohol.  

The entrance to the road to freedom is disguised by dependance and fear, remove those obstacles by connecting to your heart’s consciousness, your inner truth, your divine light, your inner being – whatever you want to call it.  

Start the process of connecting to YOU, and you will be well on your way to creating freedom in your life.  

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