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Are you aching for more joy in your life? More peace and happiness? More bliss?  

Sometimes I feel like I’m caught in a hamster wheel, doing all the things for all the people and then leaving myself feeling drained, stretched and a mixture of sadness and anger at the same time.  

It’s so hard to balance everything and still make time for myself.  

Even with all the time I take it just never feels like it’s enough.  

I just feel like something is lost.

Do you look around your life and think there should be more. More to it, less to it, just something other than what it is? 

Stop searching and start LIVING.

Every time I go through a transformational shift in my life I am connected to my mat. And looking back at my completely inconsistent journey with yoga, I can’t say I was ever really a “practicing yogi”.  

The thing is yoga doesn’t have to start on the mat, it doesn’t have to be a workout activity or athletic thing at all. I think there is a very common misconception about what yoga is and what it isn’t in the Western world and that’s why I am realizing – literally right now as I’m writing this – that I should probably explain what I mean when I talk about incorporating yoga on your alcohol-free journey.  

It’s actually not about incorporating “yoga” at all.  

For me it was the combination of mindfulness and small incremental shifts in my thinking that allowed me to change my opinions and behaviours around alcohol.  

It wasn’t until after I was already spontaneously sober and feeling SO MUCH BETTER about my life that I really started thinking about how I wanted my relationship with alcohol to look going forward. And honestly, I couldn’t have known that’s what was happening back then. But now as I look at the pivotal pieces of my journey it’s become clear to me that I was looking for a way out from my addiction.  

And along the way while I was struggling the most, I was continuously brought back to my yoga mat.  

That reminds me of the story about the very first time I ever did yoga. I was sitting in my apartment, feeling absolutely hopeless, this was right before I was about to sign myself in to the psyche ward at the hospital because I was threatening myself with suicide. I remember holding the pill bottle in my hand bawling my eyes out and wanting so badly to have the courage to kill myself but just having this overwhelming urge that I wasn’t ready to die yet. I called my best friend with a hand full of quetiapine I had taken from my mom; seeing how much it knocked her on her ass when she took too many, I thought this was a good way to do it.  

He saved me from myself.  

He left work and came to get me, and we drove to the hospital where I checked myself in and signed away my decision-making privileges for a minimum 72 hours. I was there for 13 days. It was the first time I had spent 13 days sober in years. When I got out, I was back in my apartment, and although I had gotten a much-needed break and good night’s sleep for the first time in way too long – pretty much all I did was sleep and colour, I don’t remember really even leaving my room – I didn’t realize it yet, but I just needed some time to be alone.  

So, I remember sitting there trying to think about what to do with myself, I wasn’t supposed to be drinking and I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I had an urge to look up yoga and didn’t even really know why. I had never done yoga; I have never been very athletic, and I didn’t really know if there would be anything like that in my hometown (this was like 2015). But google showed me the way and I found Jade Wellness, a yoga studio that happened to have a candlelight yin yoga class and it was happening in an hour! I got ready and left for this class with no idea what yin yoga even was but that whatever it was I could figure it out. 

That class changed me forever. I cried the whole time. Sobbed quietly on my mat in these deep, grounding and delicious poses feeling held and supported by the dim lighting in the room and the warmth of the candlelight. The instructors soft voice guiding me through the motions and me feeling into my own body for the first time that I can remember.  

I didn’t know what I was doing but felt more connected and supported in that space then probably ever in my life.  

That is the type of experience I want to create. A safe container for you to get in touch with your body, to connect to your inner desire, to feel your hearts consciousness – possibly for the first time.  

You don’t need skills or flexibility to do my version of yoga. You need a heart and a desire for a more fulfilled life.  

I don’t care about fancy yoga clothes or if you’ve read the Bhagavad Gita.  

All I ask is that you bring a boatload of compassion for yourself and a willingness to commit to the journey.  

And the beautiful thing I want to offer here is that even if you don’t feel like you have the compassion thing nailed just yet, you can borrow my undoubting belief in you while we work to build some of that trust back in yourself.  

You can do this. Whatever it is that’s in your heart. That is actually exactly what you are here to do and no one else can do it but you. If you let your dreams die at the bottom of a bottle no one will care. No one will stop you. No one will change you. But if you are thinking, what the fuck, there MUST be more to life than this.. Be assured, there is.  

You have something absolutely life changing and brilliant inside of you.  

Your life has given you a PhD in exactly what you need in order to bring your subtle gifts to the world.  

But you aren’t going to be able to connect with that part of you as long as you are numbing your senses and wasting your energy.  

It’s time to reclaim your power. Reclaim your life. Reclaim your purpose and move forward with intention. Don’t be a victim of your life, be the creator of it.  

It is my honest belief that yoga saved my life.  

At a time of intense struggle, it called to me and pointed me forward again.  

And so, if you are being called towards something but you don’t know what. You might be in the right place. Really only you will know the answer to that.  

One thing I can guarantee, is that you will never be the same.  

Are you willing to put down the shame and regret long enough to look inside and ask what is truly possible for you? 

Because I bet you have done some pretty marvelous things in your lifetime. Things you thought were hard but became easy. Things that you are truly proud of.  

This all starts with you believing in yourself long enough to commit, and then when things get a little tough, leaning on me for support and accountability.  

Do you want to start building your life with intention? 

Time will pass either way. 

The path of yoga is now, there is an opportunity for you to connect with your hearts consciousness and begin the melting process of becoming the very best version of yourself.  

You too can be rooted ruby. You too can have a life of freedom from alcohol and the power to choose who you are.  

If you are curious to know more about whether this life is for you, take a baby step forward and join me here.  

Have any questions? Contact me here

This could be the year you change your life forever. The year you get on the right track and take off in the direction of your CHOOSING. But it could also be another year of doing more of the same.

Let me know what you want to do. But know, we are getting started together on Friday July 1 and I be honoured to have you there.

Onward and upward (with so much love), 
Danielle xx

ps. Think you want to wait until things get a little worse, please do check back in when you’re ready. The thing is, your relationship with alcohol WILL continue down a one-way road. There is no going back. There is no getting better. There is only one direction alcohol can take you and it’s not a place I would recommend.  

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