Still living in the cycle of headaches and hangovers?!

If you could seriously UP-level your life right now, would you?

The secret solution EVERYONE should know!

What if I told you there was actually a super simple solution and it would save you tons of money, deepen your relationships, help you find peace, joy and happiness…

What if it’s something that you definitely might resist believing but is absolutely the truth…

Still interested??

What I’m going to say is seriously the best kept secret around!

I wouldn’t have even known about it if I hadn’t stumbled on it through serendipity when I found myself pregnant, miserable and feeling deprived.

Why was I feeling these things?

I mean – I had just found out I was on the miraculous journey of bringing LIFE into the world.
…And yet I was absolutely miserable… just because I couldn’t have a drink!


If the miracle of life isn’t something to bring a person joy over alcohol then I think it’s safe to say the relationship might be worth reconsidering.

You see, alcohol is actually the thief of joy. But it doesn’t stop there..

It steals your time, your money, your relationships and sometimes even more. It’s known to steal houses and marriages and lives of all ages. Alcohol is the one thing we willingly let steal from us.

Sometimes even on a daily basis.

And that was just not working for me anymore. I’m sorry to rock the boat, but I think it’s actually complete and utter bullshit.

And that’s exactly what brings me here. Shouting out to you beautiful human.. because you don’t need to let alcohol control your life any longer!!

But you also don’t have to live your life feeling miserable and deprived about it.

I know it seems super scary to think about all the things in life you couldn’t possibly enjoy without booze. I know it’s uncomfortable to think about all the things you won’t enjoy if you “can’t” ever have a drink again… and that’s exactly what keeps SO MANY people STUCK in the cycle. The beliefs we carry about alcohol are what keep us making excuses for our weekly hangovers and thinking its okay because “everyone is doing it”.

But what if the truth is, when you know what I know, you won’t even WANT to drink alcohol anymore! It won’t be this elusive thing you are missing out on, it will be so small and irrelevant you won’t even notice it’s there.


The best up-level I think any one has discovered (THANKYOU ANNIE GRACE!) is making the conscious choice to leave alcohol in the rear view mirror!

This is what I am talking about when I say FREEDOM from alcohol. Take my word for it, you can enjoy every social experience the EXACT SAME – and even more – because you will actually BE PRESENT THE WHOLE TIME and will undoubtedly have less to regret in the morning…

Still skeptical?

What if I could invite you join me in July and break up with booze. Just for 30 days. Just to see how you feel. No long term commitments required. No need to explain anything to anyone. No need to put yourself in a box as a “problem drinker”. Just a casual experiment to see how you really feel. A break to take some space for yourself and decide what’s really best for you.

You might be saying, ya but it’s July.. I can’t go booze free in JULY!!! It’s summer, it’s patio season, it’s Canada day and the 4th of July!!!

I know, I know… but the thing is, in our booze soaked consumer society we have married alcohol with social engagement and fun.

I mean, think about the year.. is there ever a “good” time to go booze free? We are all so entrenched in our drinking culture that we have made a boozy reason for literally every occasion. Every holiday, every weekend, every occasion, every non occasion. You see, that’s part of the façade.. we are so culturally conditioned to believe that we NEED to drink that we never take the time to consider if we really even WANT to drink.

I mean seriously, do you really love drinking? Or do you love the IDEA of drinking??

When was the last time you went out drinking and successfully drank exactly how much you wanted to and felt great about it the next day?

For me, I was making such bad decisions when I drank and I was so accustomed to drinking every single day, that I was making bad decisions every freakin’ day!!!

Eventually that shit adds up – and not in a good way!

Going alcohol free was hands down the BEST DECISION I EVER MADE and a total upgrade to my life.

If you think you might be interested in giving yourself a little break from booze this July, join me, and I can promise you won’t regret it. You can do it, and you don’t need to do it alone. I have a ton of great resources to help you not only break up with booze, but ENJOY doing it!

I am pretty excited about what’s coming in July and will be sharing more about it over the next week so make sure you join me over on FB at Rooted Ruby Wellness. Its a fabulous place where you can learn more about different ways to get unstuck and start to live in the peace, joy and love that you deserve.

It’s time to UP-level your life.

Much love,
Danielle xx

Ps. Want to believe me but still feel a bit skeptical? You don’t have to just take my word for it, go and check out Annie Graces book This Naked Life: 48 true stories of people finding freedom from alcohol.

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