This Naked Mind, Control Alcohol

A new path to controlling alcohol has been forged.

Do you ever wonder when alcohol became something that was less about having fun and more about not being able to cope without it?

Do you think to yourself that you USED to be able to take it or leave it but now, more and more, you can’t go a day or two without having a drink?

Are you someone that can’t imagine going to an event or spending time with family without having a glass of wine or a few beers?

Trust me, it’s pretty much “normal” at this point. With the state of society, alcohol has become the most widely accepted and culturally pushed drugs on the market.

But I would like to welcome you to the new age of changing your relationship with alcohol! And I have to say, I am so happy you found us.

Here we do things a little differently than you might be familiar with. Actually to be honest, we do things A LOT differently. But I personally think it was about time that we came up with a better way to beat booze than hide in a church basement and render yourself helpless and anonymous for the rest of your life. I for one could NEVER identify with being helpless, hopeless or not in control… even if that was the truth.

So you can go ahead and thank the universe for ANNIE GRACE. Not only did she come up with a revolutionary way to rid herself of the intense wanting of alcohol (kind of by accident) but she decided to stand up with grace and courage and share that knowledge with the world.

And luckily we are in the magical time of the internet where we can share our thoughts and ideas worldwide and find a united community of people that needed something new, a new way to change. Just by reading her words people were able to completely rid themselves of the emotional tie with alcohol.

And so THIS NAKED MIND was born.

In the beginning it was just a pdf of Annie’s journals. Her path to how she overcame her desires to drink and how she learned how to control drinking in her own life.

A mother of 2 young children and the youngest VP of Marketing for a global company, she was starting to notice an increase in her drinking and feeling the effects of it in her life. And NOT in a good way. She wanted to cut back and started by making rules.. and then breaking them.

Sound familiar at all?

Once she fought and fought and couldn’t find reprieve she decided she would just QUIT TRYING TO QUIT, and take the next little while to get curious about how she went from a very casual drinker that didn’t even really enjoy drinking to someone who had a constant supply of boxed wine in the cupboard so that she didn’t have to see how many bottles she was actually going through.

I mean, geeze, I can relate to that. Going from a glass of wine a night habit.. to a bottle.. and then two bottles… it really starts to take a toll on your self worth.

So once she realized how powerful this way new way to change was for people all around the globe, she decided to leave her executive position and put her full time effort towards helping others find freedom from alcohol. She knew she had to develop this new way to change. She was called to serve and answered that call by sacrificing a great career for a dream she could feel would be so worth it.

It was only in 2018 that her book This Naked Mind, Control Alcohol was published. But it has proven to be HUGELY successful and now millions worldwide have found freedom from alcohol using This Naked Mind Methodology.

Realizing how much bigger this was than what she could do on her own, she opened her heart to share what she had learned with others. And then in 2019 the coaching program was created so that they could further the mission of helping the world find freedom from its toxic relationship with alcohol.

I was accepted into the 3rd running program of TMNI Coach Certification, with the first being an intimate live training session and now 2 full classes of coaches being trained during a rigorous 6 month certification process.

During this transformational program, where we all learned how to help others with their desires to change their behaviour with alcohol, we also had to overcome our own personal limiting beliefs about alcohol and ourselves as entrepreneurs, in order to be able to serve this methodology to the world in the most compassionate and heart centered way. I am beyond changed by finding this tribe of likeminded people and am encouraged and hopeful of what we are creating in the world.

So to explain, This Naked Mind Methodology is where you can learn how to control alcohol, find happiness, and change your life by finding the freedom to be exactly who you are meant to be, unencumbered by any state altering substance – specifically alcohol.

This Naked Mind, Control Alcohol is a powerhouse book that is taking the world by storm and creating a space for people who want to leave behind the destructive behaviours attached with over indulgence of alcohol and create lasting changes in their life. This path will not only open your mind to new possibilities but will transform your heart and bring forward a version of yourself that is bold, empowered, and PROUD TO BE AF.

There are many great programs being developed by all sorts of TNMI coaches in this new realm of “recovery”. And the best part is that we are all family. We are a collective of humans that see a better future and stand up for what we believe in.

I think this is such a unique opportunity that is just at the beginning of a huge breakthrough in collective consciousness and the desire to live happy and more fulfilling lives here on Earth. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest times in history to be alive and I know that the beauty of human life will overcome the darkness that has been shadowing our choices for way to long.

So I invite you, if any of this resonates and you are curious about what exactly TNM could open up in your life then please reach out and email me directly at

A world of possibilities opens up when you begin to say no.

All my love and deepest gratitude,

Danielle xx

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